Core Values

At Canas Corp, we take pride in building our success while upholding our most fundamental core values.


Our reputation for adhering to the highest standards of business ethics is one of our most valuable assets. Canas Corp has zero tolerance for behavior that is unfair or unethical.

All of our employees are required to comply with these standards and with applicable laws.  We stand by everything we do.


We are committed to deliver the best quality of service by continually working to improve our performance and never overlooking even the smallest details.


We challenge all of our employees to improve their skills in the work place to help them achieve excellence and build their skills so we may better serve our clients.


We are practicing our profession in an ever-changing environment. It’s important to remain responsive to this changing environment, and we will do so through innovation and the use of technology to exceed all of our clients’ expectations.


We aim to understand all of our clients’ goals and deliver on every commitment we make through careful planning and communication.  This is an integral part of our pursuit to excellence.


We are continually focused on providing a safe work environment for the public and our employees by instilling the responsibility in all our employees that they have the duty to prevent an unsafe work place because we believe every accident is preventable.

Ensuring the safety of our work sites is the most important service we provide, not only to our clients but also to our employees and subcontractors and the public in and around our active construction sites.